Bohol Countryside Tour – Bohol, Philippines

These are the quick tours we did from the country side tour in Bohol. Besides the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, and Butterfly Garden.

Here is the Man-made forest. According to our tour guide, the man-made forest was planted by students and was part of their curriculum in school. They planted trees every year for over 30 years. These trees are Mahogany Trees and local fungi, mammals, birds and insects are unable to live and reproduce themselves. They do not belong to the native plants and tress in the Philippines.

Man-made forest

This is the Lobo River where you can cruise and eat lunch at the same time. We did not go on the cruise, though our time was a bit crunched.

Loboc River
One of the view from our drive in Bohol

The Baclayon Church was a beautiful church and in a quiet area, but one thing that made us leave earlier than we planned, was the people outside selling their stuff. I had one guy who followed me around begging me to buy his bracelets. I was very uncomfortable because he was blocking my way and was right in front of my face the whole time. Finally, our tour guide saw me helpless from this guy and he got the seller out of my way.

The church was destroyed by the 7.2 earthquake. As you can see on the picture bellow. The bell tower is new, it collapsed in the earthquake.

They also have a museum right next to it. They have so many items from the early 16th centuries. Cameras are not allowed inside the museum.

Our last stop was the Blood Compact Shrine. This was part of the Philippines history. It was where the Spanish and Philippines sealed their friendship.

If you are not paying attention to the area you might able to miss it. From what I can recall, it was on the side of the road. Our tour guide/driver parked on the side of the street and we ran to take pictures. We were there for about 5 minutes or so. As I was walking back to the car, a man came up to me and showed me a printed picture of myself from 2 minutes ago. It was a little bit scary how quickly he can take and print a picture of me without my knowledge. I know they were just trying to make money, but I was a little uncomfortable with it.

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