Tops Lookout, Cebu, Philippines

Tops Lookout, better known simply as ‘Tops’ is located on Mt Busay. The viewing deck provides spectacular views. It is one of the best-kept secrets of the locals.

It was mostly concrete with interesting circle stone architecture. It has a bar for beers, snacks and a souvenir shop. Their prices were a bit high, I’m sure people can bring their own food and have picnics there. There’s a lot of room to eat.

Tops has a panoramic view of the whole Cebu. The locals told us to come back later that night to see all the lights light up, but we didn’t have time to come back. I was also told some people stay for the night to camp out and see the lights.

They do have a restaurant, Top of Cebu, but we didn’t eat. I wished we did though. We weren’t that hungry at that time, so we just took pictures and enjoyed the view and the sun.

Entrance fee: 100 pesos ($1.92)/ person


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