Butterfly Garden Habitat Bohol, Philippines

Our next stop was the Butterfly Garden Habitat in Bohol, Philippines.

After we paid at the entrance, we had a tour guide person waiting for us. Everyone gets 1 private tour guide, per group. The tour guide, guided us to where to start. The guide was very friendly and he was letting us take our time. He was also our photographer haha. As we walked in the garden, the garden was covered by big net so, the butterflies are free to fly around inside the garden. The only thing I didn’t like about the tour guides, they were shaking the nets to force the butterflies to fly around people. I think it stresses them out.

There was a gate that we exited out that was extended to the other side of the garden. This one was a garden full of beautiful flowers and there were some areas that has frames and preserved butterflies inside the frames to show around.

I would say the tour was about 30 minutes. The garden wraps around and when we were done, we exited out just across the entrance door.

They have a small gift shop right next to their restaurant and we ended up not eating at the restaurant.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.