After our Bohol day tour, Bohol, Philippines

After our day tour in Bohol, we were dropped off at our hotel. We stayed at Belian Hotel. It was a small, cozy hotel. The price per night wasn’t that bad and breakfast was included.

They also had restaurant inside the hotel. We were tired from the tour so we ate dinner there and the food was really good.

[wpvideo FQNodt07 ]

This was one of our favorite lumpia ever, Cheese lumpia! Never had it with cheese and this one was very good.

After we had our dinner at the hotel. We went to a spa and massage right across the hotel, Masaje de Bohol. The people were very nice and helped us figure out what we need. With all the traveling and time changed, it helped us relax and made us sleep great that night. 

We woke up the next morning around 6 am to have breakfast and relax. We had to catch our ferry at 10:40 am at the Tagbilaran Port. Good thing the ferry was just down the street.

Funny, we were expecting a small breakfast table with bagel, cereal, or pancakes, but we were surprised with what they prepared for us.

[wpvideo 0EYCJRgw ]

Belian Hotel was by the ferry and it took us about 5 minutes or so from the hotel to the ferry. We could of walked, but with 2 luggages and the weather was hot, the hotel offered us a ride for free.

[wpvideo RhNAjLZ2 ]

We book our ferry from Bookway and it costs us $27 for 2. Travel time was 2 hours.

Next stop Cebu!