Temple of Leah – Cebu, Philippines

One of our stop was Temple of Leah.

The temple was constructed in the year 2012. It was built as a symbol of the undying love and ceaseless devotion of Teodorico Soriano Adarna to his wife for 53 years, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. Business Tycoon, Teodorico Adarna (Grandfather of actress Ellen Adarna and owner of Queensland Motels) constructed this huge edifice for his late wife, Leah Albino-Adarna.

We had a great time at the Temple of Leah. It wasn’t busy at all. There was probably 1 employee working there at the entrance gate at that time, but I wanted to know more about the history of the temple without looking at it online. There was a bunch of rooms that looked like storages. Some has statues inside and other miscellaneous things.  

Amazing view from the temple
Amazing view from the temple

“Beloved Wife and Mother: Leah V. Albino-Adarna was chosen Matron Queen of her Alma Mater the University of Southern Philippines. This bronze statue portrays her composure and regal bearing when she was crowned. May the beholder discern her innate beauty, poise and gentleness.”

Tops Lookout, Cebu, Philippines

Tops Lookout, better known simply as ‘Tops’ is located on Mt Busay. The viewing deck provides spectacular views. It is one of the best-kept secrets of the locals.

It was mostly concrete with interesting circle stone architecture. It has a bar for beers, snacks and a souvenir shop. Their prices were a bit high, I’m sure people can bring their own food and have picnics there. There’s a lot of room to eat.

Tops has a panoramic view of the whole Cebu. The locals told us to come back later that night to see all the lights light up, but we didn’t have time to come back. I was also told some people stay for the night to camp out and see the lights.

They do have a restaurant, Top of Cebu, but we didn’t eat. I wished we did though. We weren’t that hungry at that time, so we just took pictures and enjoyed the view and the sun.

Entrance fee: 100 pesos ($1.92)/ person


Sirao Garden, Cebu, Philippines

Our first Cebu day tour was Sirao Garden. It is also called Little Amsterdam in Netherlands. It was a bit of a drive uphill, but the view was amazing.

This farm was very colorful and organized. It’s pretty spread out that you can go any directions you want to, but not chaos. We arrived in Manila when summer just started and the weather was perfect that day.

I was not expecting the garden to be that big. I thought it was going to be like a garden in the backyard of a house, but I was wrong, it was huge!

People were very friendly, waiting for their turn to take pictures, and offered to take some pictures. Anyone can take their time to walk around, but since we were on a tour, we were there for about 1.5 hours.

Entrance fee: 80 pesos ($1.54) per person.

As you can see, I looked really scared. Well, I was! I felt like I was gonna fall back, but it was safe to sit on it. I’m not a big fan of heights.
One of my favorite here in the garden.
With my husband, Kevin.
Not as scary as the earlier picture 🙂
I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and had 3 open heart surgeries. This heart shaped, made me feel very special.
Entrace area
Entrance door to the garden

Manila to Bohol, Philippines

We left the Go Hotels Manila at 6:30 am and our flight was at 8:00 am. The hotel was about 15 minutes away from the airport. Everything was fast and easy at the airport, but for someone like me, a diabetic took a little longer than a normal person should. I use an Tslim X2 insulin pump and a Dexcom sensor device that tells me what my blood sugar is.

We booked with Cebu Pacific Air. We checked in 1 luggage and 1 luggage per person is included as long as it was under 20 kg or 40 pounds.

Our gate was changed an hour before our boarding time and they announced it very clear. We didn’t have to guess and worried about it.

We walked down from 2nd floor to 1st floor and a shuttle bus was already waiting outside. Actually, there was probably 3 shuttle busses out there waiting for the passengers to be transfer to the airplane. Our airplane was parked away from the gates. It was actually fun. We rode the shuttle for about 5 minutes and we walked from the bus to the airplane. The walk was about 2-3 minutes it was just right in front of the airplane, but I enjoyed it. Haha.

We had to go through the back door of the airplane because our seat number was 20.

The flight was only an hour and food wasn’t included unless you pay for it. 

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Finally we arrived in Bohol.

We didn’t booked any cars for us because the hotel charges a bit more. My friend suggested to check out people outside the airport, offering tour packages and negotiate prices with them.

First person I found was very nice. She wasn’t pushy and negotiating pretty easy. She asked questions; what and where do we want to go and do. They also showed a list of tour with pictures and I just pointed out what we want to check.

We ended up with 3,000 pesos ($56) for the van with driver, gas was included for the whole day. I think, thats pretty fair deal for both.

Out first stop was Tarsier.